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The Rhode Island Water Lady supplements her garden watering needs using rainwater harvesting techniques which include the use of rain barrels, rain gardens, and water gardens. Rain water is captured from the downspout gutters and collected in 60-gallon rain barrels. One inch of rain water can generate up to 620 gallons on a 1,000 square foot roof... (learn more)
Great American Rain Barrel The Rhode Island Water Lady partners with The Great American Rain Barrel Company to provide sustainable 60-gallon rain barrels which come in three colors (green, light gray, or dark brown) to meet your outdoor water needs.  We stand by our product which is a recycled food barrel (previously used to transport olives, capers, or vegetables from the Mediterranean).

The Rhode Island Water Lady is a Certified State of Rhode Island Minority Business Enterprise (WBE/DBE, MBCN 1456).

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